Monday, April 25, 2011

Catching up a bit, no mayonnaise.

Makes me wonder if green would bring out the blue in my eyes...
I helped out with a mermaid car wash.
Rainbow River Headsprings
The car wash was donations and the funds go toward a tank for Merbellas LLC.  We had a blast.  Raven let us all wear tops she made for the duration of the wash.

me and my octojelly friend guo dong
I also had the opportunity to head up to Rainbow River Headsprings.  My friend brought three disposable underwater cameras and we got some awesome shots!  It was my first major public appearance in the tail and was pretty awesome.  I cannot wait to stop tearing the waistband and to paint it so people aren't as confused anymore.  It will look gorgeous I think.  Still need to save money for a tail from Raven though.

the show went spectacularly. The Gamester by Freyda Thomas
My future currently is...strike tomorrow, putting all the costumes into storage.  Wednesday I have to go back down to my grands' to drop some stuff off and pick up other stuff.  Thursday I head up to Georgia.  Next Wednesday I head to Tennessee.  I have it on good authority that the campground there has wifi, so for four weekends I should be online a bit more.  Then back to Georgia for two wekends then up to New Jersey to visit family, and who knows from there.

Saturday, April 9, 2011


Tech Rehearsals today and tomorrow from about noon to ten pm.
Dress Rehearsals Monday and Tuesday from about six to ten pm.
Suffice to say I won't be on much for a little while.  We open Thursday.

new cap
new necklace
 <3  cnidaria

Monday, April 4, 2011

Ecstatic Yet Cranky


So my swim test went swimmingly.  I had both a photographer and a videographer with me.  I have yet to go through all of the files though.  I only just got access to the videos today, the swim was on Friday.  A few mishaps occurred but nothing out of the ordinary or realm of probability.  One of my tubes came off of the fin, the never drying ALEX underneath compromised the Weatherstripping Adhesive.  So we pulled the other side off as well and continued the swim test.  I also had a few tears along the right side of my hips from pulling and a mistake in the cementing I did last week.  I also need to take in the very top part since it's billowing outward and I'm having to hold it while I swim.  All in all I had a blast though, partly due to the company with me.  Early on the girls had me do a handstand and as soon as I surfaced I hear some guy across the pool exclaim, "Holy shit!  It's a mermaid!"  That had me grinning very widely.  I also got excited when I moved down to the deep end.  When 'treading' water I had no concept of depth.  I had to put my goggles on to see the bottom 12 feet down.  I got very excited and immediately dove down to the bottom.  I will be doing alterations over the next couple of weeks, slow going though.  I get to swim again on Wednesday night with some friends.  The show at Bininger opens next Thursday so I'm kind of swamped with getting the costumes ready for that.

The crankiness can be explained by the stress of having so much to do over the next week and a half.  Also by not being able to talk with one of the few people who could keep me less stressed and in a cheerier mood.  They seem to have gone poof for a bit.  Irksome.

Anyhow, here's the stuff you're really waiting for, photos:
need to shorten if I don't put the tubing back
my towel
got henna yesterday
someone found an invasive turtle, he visited work