Tuesday, August 16, 2011

So Here's How It Goes...

one of two feather extensions
I lobotomised over 1,000 mousetraps!
I just watched the film Limitless so my brain is still high wired and I think I need to post to wind down so I can sleep.

I have just spent the last few weeks in Illinois and Wisconsin, working Monday through Friday and playing at faire on the weekends.  Also, my spawn day was celebrated somewhere in there.  Surprisingly, I remember it.  I also gifted myself with a few presents, a new half bodice, a new derby with feathers, feather hair extensions, a monkey, a mermaid figurine for my dash, and... wow I probably shouldn't think about all of that.

This blog seems to be decreasing in words and increasing in photographs.  Oh well, just feel your brains atrophy.

Tomorrow I head for Minnesota.  There I will be working Saturdays and Sundays at faire and winding down Monday through Friday.  I plan on getting plenty of sewing done while there.  Also, a friend and I are going to do some photo shoots.  Even more photos for your brains to ingest.

The long term plan, currently, (long term being a little over a year from now) is to add projects to my portfolio (of costume pieces), work on the pirate ship this Winter, actually start up selling pieces on Etsy, and attend Graduate school next Autumn.  Let's check back next November or so and see how I did, am doing, do?  In the interim:

love having my miniscule toenails painted black
did I mention I'm sketching renderings?
new hat with feathers!
I took photos at faire
blood spurt!