Thursday, September 16, 2010

A Visit With the Sailors

So I figured if I'm going to keep this fairly up to date I should post some about my visit with the sailors in Erie.  I drove up last Friday to Erie, PA to visit my brother.  It was about a two and a half hour drive, not bad.  His tallship, The Pride of Baltimore II, was going to be in port for a festival.  I took the trek up and made sure I had space on my memory card for tons of photos!

My scuzzy pirate brother polishing the brass.
I, of course, had to call my brother a 'scuzzy pirate' when I saw him.  He is far from a pirate.  He and his shipmates get upset when they're called pirates, because they're privateers.  It's quite amusing.

A view from up top.
I must admit, I was somewhat jealous of my brother and all the other tallship sailors.  I could definitely see myself working on one some day.

A night view.
Partying with sailors was quite an adventure.  I was able to compare partying with sailors versus partying with rennies.  I must admit, the sailors don't seem to party as hard.  Though I know I didn't see them at their party best.

Lake Erie
Tallship Pride of Baltimore II
Pride of Baltimore II

While we're on the topic of parties...Funky Formal is tonight.  The theme is 'Go Go Glow Psychedelic 60's'.  I will be wearing my new tall heeled boots [hopefully I won't kill myself up and down steep hills], my orange and black tights [if i can find them], a short black skirt, a white tank with a geometric crazy coloured net overshirt.  There will be blacklights and glowsticks.  I will be drinking lots of vodka!  Alright you two jealous as I'm off to party hard with rennies.  <3