Monday, December 27, 2010

Hurry Up and Wait....

So I have three different things in the mail right now.  Gloves, socks, and cement.

The gloves are obviously for swimming, the cement I need to run tests and then use to hold the tail together, and the socks are for chafing and cushioning and strap slippage.  Today I run to Lowe's to grab tubing and some silicone stuff to use as the sealant.  All I can currently do is a pattern fitting for the fluke and testing on patches of neoprene.  In case anyone actually is following this and cares, aside from Obadiah that is.

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Lookit My Fat...Tail!

This is a 1/4":1" scale mock up of my tail pattern.  It dips down two inches in the front as you can see on the drawing.  I will do a monofin/fluke measurement soon, I left my monofin at my friends' house.  When making this pattern we [my amazing grandmother and me] had to account for the stretch of the neoprene and how it should fit on me.  We used a wetsuit that fits me for comparison and such.  Also, since I can get the leg parts of the wetsuit on without any extra give from a zipper we've decided to scrap the zipper idea, which helps me not have to figure out a dorsal cover up.  I can always add adornments later if I wish to.  And since no one reads my blog I may as well ramble on a bit more.  I still have to buy neoprene cement, some more paint, neoprene socks, tubing to strengthen the fluke, and those awesomely webbed gloves.  I think that's all I have to babble on about today.  I'm working 40+ hour weeks right now so it's slow progress.

Sunday, December 19, 2010

Mer Airbrush Testing

two dimensional texture
paint on paint on paint on neoprene
takes better to the rubberized neoprene
I'm not feeling very verbose today.  Basically you get these photos and that's about it.  I need to do measurements and make a pattern and construct the tail before I can actually paint it.  These were tests.

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Waiting, waiting, waiting....

So Friday I get two paychecks, most of the money will go to gas but some will go to mer supplies.  I need wetsuit cement, an airbrush compressor, and some tubing.  Production will actually get going somewhere on Saturday, or it should.

Anyhow, this is just a quick update.  I have all of my neoprene and I went swimming in my monofin last Saturday and froze my fins off!  I wore a 4mm wetsuit to stay warm, which means I had to battle some serious buoyancy, as well as a too tight wetsuit which inspired limited mobility.  But I really started to get the hang of it toward the end of my 2+ hour swim!  And for X-mas week the pool here should be heated so I can practise there and not freeze!

PS  Burlesque is like a two hour orgasm!

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Tails, Tales, and the Future!

Firstly, tails....
feet look odd in the pic
So my monofin is here!  It's hitting freezing at night and the pool is unheated so no swimming just yet, and have to check with my tattoo guru if I'm healed enough yet.  Terribly excited to begin tail production though.  If I get my shopping for certain needed clothing done in time tomorrow then I will begin test swatches of paint.  I have one wetsuit chopped up, my very first wetsuit [somewhat sentimental and appropriate].  More wetsuits are in the mail from my uncle.  I will be ordering the gloves tomorrow, I hope.

mer hair

Secondly, tales...
Tales of Pirates in Paradise at Key West.  It was an amazing experience and I'm so glad I got to go for one night.  I only wish that I could have gone year will kick some major ass!  This year was pretty sweet too...we figured out what is up with the Bermuda Triangle!  It's a nirate's underwear disappearing into the night and then the triple triangle on the return.  This research also gave us the definition of what a nirate really is.  It's a pirate ninja so pale that in the middle of the night on a beach their skin blends in and they disappear.
nirate in disguise

Thirdly, the future....
The future is looking up in so many ways.  So many exciting things are happening and might happen soon.  I will, of course, keep you posted as life tosses me about on the waves.  I love that rocking motion!

Oh and archery rocks!  I miss it!
yes, archery while wearing kitty eared hat - it's how I roll, yo 

Saturday, November 27, 2010

I'm peeling thick layers....

All the way to another facet of myself.  My mer self.

My monofin is in the mail, I have purchased my paints, I still need to acquire neoprene.

To truly follow my progress as I make my tail, you should check out this thread in the mer.yuku forums....Neoprene Patchwork Tail - Ongoing  It will show in detail what I do to make my tail, and it will have progress photos.

general design for the tail
necklace made by pirate shipmate for me
This first tail will have a patchwork look to it, a bit of a frankentail.

Update:  My uncle has just confirmed that he has some spare wetsuits lying around that I can have and bastardise into a tail!  w00t!

Monday, November 22, 2010

I'm beginning to peel!

Well, let's see....

I had a blast at the Sarasota Medieval Fair, made new friends, and a bit of money.

The faeries, in particular, were a delight.  They were also adorable and delicious.

I also got to see the ever amusing Tortuga Twins, Coviello, Lucio, and D'Angelo !

Another new development being some ink on my skin....

The next few days will be full of work, family, seeing "Tangled", and other various fun things.  I work four cruises on the pirate ship this week, go to see "Tangled" on Thursday, eat Thanksgiving dinner with grandparents and Uncle at The Bubble Room, and plot for Pirates in Paradise 2010!

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

A Bit of a Portfolio

I was updating a few things and running around my deviantART account and I thought it might make sense if I shared some of my photography here.  I also have made an online portfolio with what I consider to be some of my better work.

It has multiple categories....
nature section
miscellaneous section
textiles section
macro section
Feel free to go explore it all.

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

It's Been an Age

I know, I know, it's been a looong time.  Though it's not like anyone reads this so it's not that big of a deal.  Anyhow.

A quick rundown of my adventures.  I left off just before Funky Formal in Pittsburgh.  That's almost a whole lifetime ago.  The party was great, the show ended on a real high note.  Then I headed to NJ for about a week.  Nothing terribly exciting.  Though there was a one day Medieval Faire thrown in, in New York City, just for good measure.  Then it was off to Baltimore, Maryland to meet up with the sailors again [Pride of Baltimore II]!  On my way I swung by the Maryland Renaissance Festival to visit friends and buy a much needed new bodice [Moresca].  My friend braided my hair again and I looked pretty awesome.  I gallivanted around Baltimore for a few days...with scuzzy pirates ^_~ There was even one night in the Wharf Rat where we sang sea chanties for hours on end, until the bartender got real mad at us and almost kicked us out.  Then the drive to Florida, straight to the Pirate Ship.  Right by the house and straight to the marina to ride two cruises only to be told to begin training behind the bar.  The second cruise I was clocked in and training, while developing a 102F fever.  A week of illness and heavy medication was then followed by more training behind the bar.  I am now a happy bartender of the pirate ship, and I got to do awesome things for Halloween.  I was a faerie and I also volunteered many nights at the local Haunted Walk.
Baltimore with new bodice.
Halloween Faerie Photoshoot
Dead animatronic head at Haunted Walk
Current adventures....
On Friday I head up to Sarasota to set up my Siege the Day booth at the Sarasota Medieval Fair.  I'm terribly excited about the show.  My good friend who runs Traveler's Hold will be my employee, and I will get to see those naughty Tortuga Twins again, and the Empty Hats [a favourite musical group of mine].  We open on Saturday for two full weekends of marshmallow flinging fun!  Also I will get to see my friend Raven the second weekend and quiz her on all things mermaid [MerBellas]!  For I have plans on a mermaid costume...a functioning one!

Anyhow, I think that's about it for the time being.  I will keep you all posted slowly as things happen.  I'm off to clean van, work on a medieval dress, practise my dolphin kick, catch a flick, and be all around awesome!  <3

Thursday, September 16, 2010

A Visit With the Sailors

So I figured if I'm going to keep this fairly up to date I should post some about my visit with the sailors in Erie.  I drove up last Friday to Erie, PA to visit my brother.  It was about a two and a half hour drive, not bad.  His tallship, The Pride of Baltimore II, was going to be in port for a festival.  I took the trek up and made sure I had space on my memory card for tons of photos!

My scuzzy pirate brother polishing the brass.
I, of course, had to call my brother a 'scuzzy pirate' when I saw him.  He is far from a pirate.  He and his shipmates get upset when they're called pirates, because they're privateers.  It's quite amusing.

A view from up top.
I must admit, I was somewhat jealous of my brother and all the other tallship sailors.  I could definitely see myself working on one some day.

A night view.
Partying with sailors was quite an adventure.  I was able to compare partying with sailors versus partying with rennies.  I must admit, the sailors don't seem to party as hard.  Though I know I didn't see them at their party best.

Lake Erie
Tallship Pride of Baltimore II
Pride of Baltimore II

While we're on the topic of parties...Funky Formal is tonight.  The theme is 'Go Go Glow Psychedelic 60's'.  I will be wearing my new tall heeled boots [hopefully I won't kill myself up and down steep hills], my orange and black tights [if i can find them], a short black skirt, a white tank with a geometric crazy coloured net overshirt.  There will be blacklights and glowsticks.  I will be drinking lots of vodka!  Alright you two jealous as I'm off to party hard with rennies.  <3 

Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Mousetraps, Triggers, Aspirations, Managing, and Visitations

Today I was decidedly Scrumpy.  I disassembled 215 mousetraps.  One was hiding and is unfinished.  I also worked on bending the triggers, about halfway done.

I hope that tomorrow I will be able to break out my camera and take photos of lots of different things, including my booth, butterflies, and all the mousetraps!

I know this is such an exciting blog post but I wanted to put something up.

Did I neglect to mention that my bosses will no longer be coming down to the Pittsburgh area?  This means I will be very lonely.  However, it also means I will have one full show under my belt, managing alone.  They'll visit for closing weekend, but otherwise the show is mine!  Also, my parents and dog might visit this weekend.  Exciting things!  I will post pics of all of this craziness.

night all  <3

Friday, August 27, 2010

My Dearest Vardo

L to R:  sink, fridge, dresser, curtains, shelving.
My cushy bed nest.
Bootful of change, and stereo.  Watched over by silly straws of course.
L to R:  nest, disco ball, sink, bowler hat, fridgidaire.
I think that's about it for now in terms of photographs of my house.  He is a pretty red van [ooo you need an external shot].  His full name is Joshamee Wilmot Tosam.  A dork combination of Joshamee Gibbs, John Wilmot second earl of Rochester, and something my mother said one day.  His nickname is Jo-jo the Mute Boy, stolen from one of my favourite movies, Stage Beauty.  He even has a solar panel and extra batteries.  I live in style.  He's the perfect size for me...and a puppy, someday.

Solar panel as aforementioned.
Best outer pic I have...includes mum and puppy.

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Fabric Selection

This is the trim that will go on the bottom of my faerie bloomers.
The fabric that will be my shirt.  It's actually a mite darker.
This is the fabric that will be my faerie skirt.
This is fabric I just could not pass up.  A purse or hat mayhap?
Did I mention that today I was Scrumpy, Jill, Dorm, and Bev?  I did laundry, went to Walmart and bought 16 packs of rat traps [still need nine more], bought fabric, found a chipotle nearby, and internetted.  It is time to head home and make a PB&J sammich or some mac and cheese for dinner.  Goodnight cruel interwebs!

Steampunk & Costume Ideas & Rants

So I am falling a bit hard for Steampunk costumes. I suppose I’ve been destined to like them considering my overall predilection for historical costumes. It is only aided by the fact that I might be on the production team for the Spring production at my alma mater. The show is historically based and the costumes will range from 1700-1800 with a few touches of modern costuming.

For myself I have two outfits, which I am plotting [for Steampunk]. If I had ever mastered creating costume sketches I would post scans here in my blog. As it is, I have some photos of generic Steampunk wear and my own imagination.

One of the outfits is pure geek, while the other is a conglomeration that includes geek. The former is a reproduction of Helena Bonham-Carter’s “Down by the Sea” outfit. I’ve always been tickled by old style swimwear for women. Of course I would also have to put my hair up in curlers and learn how to apply some very haggard and Burtonesque makeup. And I must admit, I am also in love with Johnny’s ‘prison’ alluding outfit. Okay, I have to keep on track here. There are loads and loads of costumes I would love to recreate but this post is for Steampunk clothing.

The second outfit, the conglomeration, and my ‘main’ Steampunk wear would be Jillian Annabel Lee. She is a pirate, of course, and a general traveller. This outfit should look rather travel worn. A pinstripe corset in black and white left in the sun to fade the black to grey, and tea-dyed for off-white. I dislike my clothing looking too new [more on this soon]. My bowler hat, unless I could find another headpiece I liked more, perhaps some goggles made by Leviathan Steamworks, fingerless gloves, my new ‘hooker’ boots, a fitted tailcoat, and a bustle . The bustle skirt seems to be a tad overused in Steampunk clothing but I believe that is because it looks nice and works well. Also, tack on all of my tools to a nifty belt: lock pick set, brass telescope, blackpowder pistol, compass, and mapholder complete with maps of Terre d’Ange, Middle Earth, Tortall, and the Old Kingdom. That’s some major dorkage right there. That’s how I roll, yo!

I also have plotted a ‘third’ outfit, which can steal pieces from Jillian’s outfit. Originally I had wanted to do a mime Steampunk outfit but dismissed it as too much when combined with pirate. However, I am going to revisit that original concept, either as a full pirate/mime or a slightly different character and costume. I would love to have a windup crank on my back, with cranking sound included! The mime outfit would have slightly different pieces from the pirate outfit, and be extra sexy and doll like.

Enough costume plotting for now, and on to a mini rant. What is up with everyone’s costumes looking brand spanking new?! Honestly, if you are going to be an adventurer, pirate, wench, or anything other than royalty [for any historical, fantasy, or Steampunk costume] then make it work! Be authentic, please. Do you think that adventurers and pirates had six different outfits to their name, which they were able to keep pressed and clean every day? Think again. He or she would have been lucky to own two complete outfits. I, personally, find authentic and beat all to hell outfits fascinating and far more creative. I just see too many costumes hot off of the ironing board or a hanger. I am sick and tired of it; it drives me up the wall sometimes.

And now, since I originally scribed my above post by hand almost a week ago I will insert an addendum. I was going to begin work hand stitching a medieval gown, however, commercial patterns only allow for a B cup and I am better endowed than that. Therefore my medieval dress pattern will be altered to fit me properly and will most likely be a December project. In the meantime I am formulating a faerie outfit. A friend of mine makes wings at the festivals and I would love to create a faerie outfit for fantastical events. The fabric for a shirt, skirt, and bloomers has been purchased. I will need one of my new bodices to finish the outfit, and a lace underskirt I already own. I have skirt and bloomers patterns of my own making and I need to create one for the shirt. Once that is done I can begin to sew them and look at the wings my friend has for sale, or commission a pair. I will try and post photos as things progress, including photos of fabrics and trims.

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

New Beginnings

I wanted to write a bit about my transformations within the past year.  I know I'm supposed to be going to sleep [about a half hour ago].

I became single last July and as much as it hurt it was something I had to do for myself.  The relationship was not healthy for me.  And now I am experiencing being single and an adult, which I'd never experienced having been in a relationship since the beginning of college until after graduation.

Forgive me if my blathering is depressing or a bit hard to follow, I spent today traveling from Illinois to Pennsylvania today and it is almost 2am.

Anyhow, back to my original subject.  It was something that allowed my self confidence [what tiny bit was still fluttering in my chest] to blossom.  I ran around and did things I wanted to do, after almost four years of doing mostly what he wanted to do.  I pursued interests I didn't feel I could pursue in the past.  I made new friends and flirted and almost dated.  I felt wanted, desirable, happy.  [I'm seeing a lot of I's in this post ad feeling a bit self centred but...I will ignore it, it is my blog of course]

So I attended pirate festivals and renaissance faires.  I got a job working on a pirate ship, then I made the decision to pursue something I'd always wanted to do, work at a renaissance faire.  I started to do 'research' and talk to people.  I never used to be able to just randomly talk to people.  I loosened up as well.  I became a bit more spontaneous.  I drove for a weekend with a friend to Gainesville for the faire and to ask around if anyone was hiring for the Tampa show which started in a couple weeks.  I bumped into Ande & Brian on SuperBowl Sunday and they needed a girl for Tampa.  "Are you comfortable showing your belly?"  Ande took me by surprise.  I've never worn bikinis, always one pieces or tankinis.  I stuttered but she saw potential in me and my new self confidence said maybe, I could try it.

Two weeks later saw me in a bellydance outfit showing off my belly and not once did I use my arms to cover it up!  That would never have happened at any other point in my life.  It was exhilarating and I was working at a renaissance faire, I was bouncing with excitement!  Then, day two of working for Ande she turns to me and asks if I want to go on the road, full-time.  My dream!  Acquiring a job in Tampa was research to see if going on the road was a viable option, if I could make enough money to survive, if I wanted to actually do it.  YES!  Yes!  And hells yes!  And now I find myself on the road and loving it so much more than I even thought I would.

In the past three weeks I've slept/lived in six different states, an average of two a week!  Connecticut, flew to Arizona, flew to New Jersey, drove to Illinois, drove to Wisconsin, drove to Pennsylvania.  October will see me in Texas, December in Louisiana then Florida, and even a guest appearance working at my alma mater in the Spring!  I am exhausted but oh so happy tonight!  <3

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

On the Road Again

So I have a blog handwritten but I am leaving for Pittsburgh in the morning and I may not have interwebs for another week or so.  When I get time and a connection I will upload my post and write another one.

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

An Introduction of Sorts

Someone I acclaim has recently started a blog and I thought I might enjoy having a go at it as well.

Do you think people should actually ask "How are you today?"  At this point in time the only response one receives is an automatic one.  For me it's more, "Who are you today?"  Not in a split personality sense, but some of my friends out there might fathom what I am conveying.  We play so many roles in life.  I have been called many names and held many titles:  Bev, Jill, Scrumpy [Skrumpy], tease, girlfriend, daughter, goody two shoes, rennie, gypsy, pirate, Dorm, Girlie, Kitten, etc.

Today I was a mixture of Bev and Scrumpy [Skrumpy], with an undertone of Jill.  I was constructing miniature catapults to sell at the Bristol Renaissance Faire this weekend.  My Bev was introspective and emotionally preoccupied.  Scrumpy was trucking and in a get things done mode.  I somewhat skipped lunch because I just wanted to keep working and get things done since I know we're on a tight schedule.  Jill was off daydreaming about males and other odd things.  And yes, men are odd.  I really don't understand most of them.

Alright, I need to get some rest since we'll be working all day tomorrow.  Good evening!