Saturday, November 27, 2010

I'm peeling thick layers....

All the way to another facet of myself.  My mer self.

My monofin is in the mail, I have purchased my paints, I still need to acquire neoprene.

To truly follow my progress as I make my tail, you should check out this thread in the mer.yuku forums....Neoprene Patchwork Tail - Ongoing  It will show in detail what I do to make my tail, and it will have progress photos.

general design for the tail
necklace made by pirate shipmate for me
This first tail will have a patchwork look to it, a bit of a frankentail.

Update:  My uncle has just confirmed that he has some spare wetsuits lying around that I can have and bastardise into a tail!  w00t!

Monday, November 22, 2010

I'm beginning to peel!

Well, let's see....

I had a blast at the Sarasota Medieval Fair, made new friends, and a bit of money.

The faeries, in particular, were a delight.  They were also adorable and delicious.

I also got to see the ever amusing Tortuga Twins, Coviello, Lucio, and D'Angelo !

Another new development being some ink on my skin....

The next few days will be full of work, family, seeing "Tangled", and other various fun things.  I work four cruises on the pirate ship this week, go to see "Tangled" on Thursday, eat Thanksgiving dinner with grandparents and Uncle at The Bubble Room, and plot for Pirates in Paradise 2010!

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

A Bit of a Portfolio

I was updating a few things and running around my deviantART account and I thought it might make sense if I shared some of my photography here.  I also have made an online portfolio with what I consider to be some of my better work.

It has multiple categories....
nature section
miscellaneous section
textiles section
macro section
Feel free to go explore it all.

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

It's Been an Age

I know, I know, it's been a looong time.  Though it's not like anyone reads this so it's not that big of a deal.  Anyhow.

A quick rundown of my adventures.  I left off just before Funky Formal in Pittsburgh.  That's almost a whole lifetime ago.  The party was great, the show ended on a real high note.  Then I headed to NJ for about a week.  Nothing terribly exciting.  Though there was a one day Medieval Faire thrown in, in New York City, just for good measure.  Then it was off to Baltimore, Maryland to meet up with the sailors again [Pride of Baltimore II]!  On my way I swung by the Maryland Renaissance Festival to visit friends and buy a much needed new bodice [Moresca].  My friend braided my hair again and I looked pretty awesome.  I gallivanted around Baltimore for a few days...with scuzzy pirates ^_~ There was even one night in the Wharf Rat where we sang sea chanties for hours on end, until the bartender got real mad at us and almost kicked us out.  Then the drive to Florida, straight to the Pirate Ship.  Right by the house and straight to the marina to ride two cruises only to be told to begin training behind the bar.  The second cruise I was clocked in and training, while developing a 102F fever.  A week of illness and heavy medication was then followed by more training behind the bar.  I am now a happy bartender of the pirate ship, and I got to do awesome things for Halloween.  I was a faerie and I also volunteered many nights at the local Haunted Walk.
Baltimore with new bodice.
Halloween Faerie Photoshoot
Dead animatronic head at Haunted Walk
Current adventures....
On Friday I head up to Sarasota to set up my Siege the Day booth at the Sarasota Medieval Fair.  I'm terribly excited about the show.  My good friend who runs Traveler's Hold will be my employee, and I will get to see those naughty Tortuga Twins again, and the Empty Hats [a favourite musical group of mine].  We open on Saturday for two full weekends of marshmallow flinging fun!  Also I will get to see my friend Raven the second weekend and quiz her on all things mermaid [MerBellas]!  For I have plans on a mermaid costume...a functioning one!

Anyhow, I think that's about it for the time being.  I will keep you all posted slowly as things happen.  I'm off to clean van, work on a medieval dress, practise my dolphin kick, catch a flick, and be all around awesome!  <3