Friday, July 22, 2011

Tails, Tails, and Tales

Sailing through NYC
A gorgeous sunset almost every night!
fog is scary to sail through
Chilling on the diving board.
Bosslady biting my tail!
sneak peek at new tail
At the helm, Statue of Liberty in the background.
I just realised I had forgotten to post pics from swimming at friends' house in Georgia.
Also, there are some pics from the past two weeks when I was sailing.  I will put in a recounting of the trip soon.  Today I must pack for tomorrow I must drive from NJ to IL.

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

The Best Laid Plans

I were paintin'.
not the finished paint job
makin' a mess!
Endeavour 37?  Home for a couple of weeks.
Haha, so...I am constantly having to change my plans.  The engine on the boat was proving difficult.  I went back to NJ to get some stuff done for a couple of days, awaiting the go-ahead for heading back to Maryland.  I just got it earlier today.  Tomorrow I fly back to MD.  Thursday we, should, ship out.

Also, I am minutes away from finishing my tail.  I hope to swim in it tomorrow afternoon at the marina.  All that is left is the trim.  Pics to come when I return from sailing.


Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Craziness and Out to Sea

Creation was a blast!
I even got to wear my top hat the one day!
tail progress!
Creation was great, my favourite bits were dancing crazy to Owl City and hill rolling the one night.  One day I wore my top hat and rainbow pants.  Another day I dressed as Red-Handed Jill Sparrow.  Overall, it was awesome.

Tail progress, this pic was taken before I worked the latex into the whole thing.  Remaining is painting, velcro, and trim.  Most of this will have to be done much later.

I am headed out to buy some shorts and bikini tops.  I am about to sail for a couple weeks from MD to ME, I'll be a bit out of the loop.  <3