Saturday, November 27, 2010

I'm peeling thick layers....

All the way to another facet of myself.  My mer self.

My monofin is in the mail, I have purchased my paints, I still need to acquire neoprene.

To truly follow my progress as I make my tail, you should check out this thread in the mer.yuku forums....Neoprene Patchwork Tail - Ongoing  It will show in detail what I do to make my tail, and it will have progress photos.

general design for the tail
necklace made by pirate shipmate for me
This first tail will have a patchwork look to it, a bit of a frankentail.

Update:  My uncle has just confirmed that he has some spare wetsuits lying around that I can have and bastardise into a tail!  w00t!

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  1. Cool, will have to keep an eye on this, and may want to buy a set of the webbed gloves for swimming, and get in touch with my fishy side.