Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Fabric Selection

This is the trim that will go on the bottom of my faerie bloomers.
The fabric that will be my shirt.  It's actually a mite darker.
This is the fabric that will be my faerie skirt.
This is fabric I just could not pass up.  A purse or hat mayhap?
Did I mention that today I was Scrumpy, Jill, Dorm, and Bev?  I did laundry, went to Walmart and bought 16 packs of rat traps [still need nine more], bought fabric, found a chipotle nearby, and internetted.  It is time to head home and make a PB&J sammich or some mac and cheese for dinner.  Goodnight cruel interwebs!


  1. 16 packs of rat traps? O.o I am looking forward to seeing the bloomers finished. Your sewing skills are pretty amazing (At least to us mundane gits who have zero creative flair)
    Hope the weekend goes well and I would again like to protest the missing out of Fluffybutt.

  2. I keep saying rat traps when really they're mousetraps. For making more catapults. Some are disassembled and reassembled mousetraps.

    Bloomers are half done, might be done sometime next week. I hope.

  3. Ah. Cunning! Why remake the mechanism when someone else already made it eh? And huzzah. Bloomers.