Friday, August 27, 2010

My Dearest Vardo

L to R:  sink, fridge, dresser, curtains, shelving.
My cushy bed nest.
Bootful of change, and stereo.  Watched over by silly straws of course.
L to R:  nest, disco ball, sink, bowler hat, fridgidaire.
I think that's about it for now in terms of photographs of my house.  He is a pretty red van [ooo you need an external shot].  His full name is Joshamee Wilmot Tosam.  A dork combination of Joshamee Gibbs, John Wilmot second earl of Rochester, and something my mother said one day.  His nickname is Jo-jo the Mute Boy, stolen from one of my favourite movies, Stage Beauty.  He even has a solar panel and extra batteries.  I live in style.  He's the perfect size for me...and a puppy, someday.

Solar panel as aforementioned.
Best outer pic I have...includes mum and puppy.


  1. Puppy implies RatDog is an actual dog and not, well, a rat. But I will give you the fact that for your life style, Jo Jo is a world of awesome :D Was he a present from your dad I assume? The supportive father spoiling daughter thing?

  2. I am not spoiled >.<
    well, maybe I am teehee