Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Mousetraps, Triggers, Aspirations, Managing, and Visitations

Today I was decidedly Scrumpy.  I disassembled 215 mousetraps.  One was hiding and is unfinished.  I also worked on bending the triggers, about halfway done.

I hope that tomorrow I will be able to break out my camera and take photos of lots of different things, including my booth, butterflies, and all the mousetraps!

I know this is such an exciting blog post but I wanted to put something up.

Did I neglect to mention that my bosses will no longer be coming down to the Pittsburgh area?  This means I will be very lonely.  However, it also means I will have one full show under my belt, managing alone.  They'll visit for closing weekend, but otherwise the show is mine!  Also, my parents and dog might visit this weekend.  Exciting things!  I will post pics of all of this craziness.

night all  <3

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