Monday, April 25, 2011

Catching up a bit, no mayonnaise.

Makes me wonder if green would bring out the blue in my eyes...
I helped out with a mermaid car wash.
Rainbow River Headsprings
The car wash was donations and the funds go toward a tank for Merbellas LLC.  We had a blast.  Raven let us all wear tops she made for the duration of the wash.

me and my octojelly friend guo dong
I also had the opportunity to head up to Rainbow River Headsprings.  My friend brought three disposable underwater cameras and we got some awesome shots!  It was my first major public appearance in the tail and was pretty awesome.  I cannot wait to stop tearing the waistband and to paint it so people aren't as confused anymore.  It will look gorgeous I think.  Still need to save money for a tail from Raven though.

the show went spectacularly. The Gamester by Freyda Thomas
My future currently is...strike tomorrow, putting all the costumes into storage.  Wednesday I have to go back down to my grands' to drop some stuff off and pick up other stuff.  Thursday I head up to Georgia.  Next Wednesday I head to Tennessee.  I have it on good authority that the campground there has wifi, so for four weekends I should be online a bit more.  Then back to Georgia for two wekends then up to New Jersey to visit family, and who knows from there.

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  1. That top pic is stunning, my dear. You look like an anime character. :-)