Monday, January 24, 2011

Cuttings and Curvature

Have made even more swimming improvements with the monofin.  No video this time though.  Mostly an update on construction.

I spent a decent amount of time today working on the tail.  My front and back pieces are cut out from the ankle up!

back piece
front piece
I'm majorly curvy it would seem, also they look uneven due to patchiness.  You may be wondering, depending if you care or not, how I plan on attaching the two pieces together.  It's not a flat seam with curves that fit together perfectly.  I did some curvature tests, to ensure it would work well.

The curvature tests all came out splendidly.  So, I cannot put the pieces together until I have the entire thing, including the fluke, ready to go together.  Therefore I needs must work on the fluke.  My main issue with my fluke is the plastic tubing I will use for the general shape of the fluke below the monofin.  My friend and I used an old hair drier to take the heavy curve out of the tubing.  We did this in a very ghetto fashion.

Now that those two pieces are shaped better I have to attach them to the monofin.  There will then be a swim test with the tubing glued to the monofin.  Earlier I had decided to try and make the monofin removable from the tail but I'm just saying, screw it.  Also a buoyancy swim test must be conducted.  That will probably consist of me strapping everything to the monofin and trying to swim.  It will be highly amusing.  Inside the tubing I should be able to close off the ends and fill it with lead shot.  This should give me three to four pounds which would help immensely.  Not just the neoprene is positively buoyant, the monofin is as well.  After all of that I can then draft a pattern for the fluke, cement the pieces together, and cut it out.  Then after all of that construction is done I can begin to paint.

Other photos and updates coming soon, such as the medieval faire from this past weekend.
<3 a very tired scrumpy/jill

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