Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Mob Caps, Bloomers, Ears, Tails, and Quilts

Alright so not many photos will be uploaded to this post, I know they're way more fun than my ramblings.  I just spent my last two free days [until the end of April] with my Family in Orlando.  Bought the Hidden Mickeys book and hunted the parks.  Then we lazed about on Sunday and then went to the Pirate Dinner Theatre, surprisingly fun and good times.

The shield/sword side of the quilt.

The fire breathing dragon side.

Disney bound to have fun with family.

I got to make two mob caps on Friday.  Want one for me now.
That about sums everything up in photos, aside from tail stuff.  Not much done with the tail.  I added some silicone to help shape over the adhesive.  I need to add a little more.  Then I need to redo my pattern for the fluke and continue cementing neoprene together.  I need more free time.  Also, I'm incredibly lonely some days.  I'm somewhat glad faire begins on Saturday for the social aspect of it but I also am not looking that much forward to it, I need more free time.  I am excited about making bloomers for a bunch of characters in the show.  I also need to make myself a new pair or two, one of my pairs is being used in the show >_<

Alright, I'm off to potluck, bringing a tasty garlic cheddar pasta concoction.  I hope it and I are received well.


  1. hey you, glad to see things are going well it seems.

    thought you might be interested, im working on designing myself something of a vardo such that i can go a-wandering

  2. also going to work on that painting we had talked about awhile back some point soon-ish. i have a small one i'm going to do as a study (6x8 or so), full size will probably be 9x12.