Friday, February 25, 2011

Silicone & Pantaloons

silicone drying

The silicone is still drying on the fluke.  Also, I still need to pour some silicone stuffs down the tubing.  Once it is sealed off and the rest of the silicone is dry I can remeasure the fluke.  Then I can perfect my pattern and finish cementing the fluke neoprene.  Once that's done, I can cement the entire thing.  Then, insert the monofin and put some velcro in the bottom and do a test swim.  It's getting much much closer.

Tomorrow is the opening of the Bay Area Renaissance Faire and the official beginning of my 62+ hour weeks.  It's a bit odd to be going back to work at the faires.  Also, I need to make a new pair of bloomers.  I bought the fabric today.

I made a pair of pantaloons today, they will be ribboned and fopped up.  I am seriously excited about that character's outfit!  The Marquis de FauxPas is by far my favourite.

Please fan the Pink Pom-Pom Project.... It's in support of breast cancer.

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