Friday, March 4, 2011

I'm Lacking a Tail

Having no time to work on my tail is upsetting me.  Monday I went to the local Borders to help support them because I will cry if they go away.  Tuesday is family dinner nights with the rennies.  Wednesday I went to see Wicked in Orlando.  Thursday I worked until 1850 and then attended rehearsal from 1900-2200.  Tonight I pack and prepare for the weekend until around 1900 when I drive up tot Tampa and get situated up there.  This means I've not touched my tail in ages.  It's somewhat disheartening.  I am vowing to work on it next week.  Even if that means I don't watch rehearsal and I work in the shop on my tail instead.  On the other hand, I've gotten a lot of costume stuff done recently.  Also, I haven't even finished tacking down my quilt.

mourning veil

hoop skirt lacified sans hoops

improved pantaloons
found this mini tarantula in my van
So yes, here is me vowing to get some major progress done next week on my tail.  I mean if you break it down I have five easy steps left.  Measure/alter pattern, cement fluke, cement everything, swim test, paint.  Okay, I'm off to work.  Also, I'm going to start bringing salad to work for lunch.  Marius can keep an eye on me :)

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