Friday, March 25, 2011

So Close and Yet So Far

mmmm smells yummy!
finally a full fluke cut out!
tools:  chalk, ruler, rotary cutter
fun drawing concept thing
Throat is feeling much better.  I think I'm back at 99.99% health.  Missing my friend who I was talking to a lot for a week or so there.  He's busy with work.  As am I.  A friend is visiting the faire this weekend, maybe two even, and I get to go see Rango finally.  I had better anyhow.  Costumes for the show are coming along well.

Tail steps remaining:  cut out fluke piece two, cement and cut out bottom piece of fluke after monofin, cement everything together around the monofin, work in latex, swim test, trim excess, paint, SWIM!


  1. hey there, I'm in Tampa area now for the next week, shoot me a txt if you get the chance.

  2. Was highly amusing to look up from my catapult and see you standing there and be like wtf o_O
    Thanks for hanging this weekend, dinner and such last night was a blast!

  3. Yeah, it wasn't until I was in the renfair that I remembered that you might be there, and was nice to hang out at the fair and have dinner/check out the shop after. always fun to peruse the products with friends and conjecture uses. I'm going to reiterate from then: the damn thing was /blunt/. O_o

    In any case, gimme a call when you work your way back up to Jersey if you make it. We shall cavort and carouse and make much mischief, perhaps with mead mandatory. (sorry for the alliteration, just in that sort of mood around about midnight)