Monday, March 21, 2011

Running Out Of Time

Found my maille ears, <3 them
So despite the fact that my antibiotics were done the Friday before this, the day I got my henna done, I am still not 100% better.  There is still something wrong with my throat, suffice to say it hurts mornings and evenings and I'll spare you the gruesome details.  However, I don't have time this week to get to the doctor.  There's the slight possibility I can go later Wednesday afternoon, otherwise I have to wait until late Friday afternoon.  Today I have most of my girls in the shop and we're all working.  Tomorrow we have five fittings with different actors.  Wednesday we are working in the shop and have a big fitting at one in the afternoon.  Thursday we have our production meeting and some more fittings.  It's frustrating to say the least.

St. Paddy's Day
I don't have any other photos to post today.  Maybe I'll pop one in later as I get more work done on the hoop skirt.

Some side notes:  no tail progress really which is annoying me, my house is a mess and there's a major issue with my front door, and I wish I were in the UK.  I've been chatting a bit more with one of my UK friends and it bums me that I can't hang out with him and others in person.  I have at least six friends who float around to different towns in the UK and I want to visit them.  It is really tempting to want to pursue another degree overseas and then apply for jobs in costume shops in the UK.

Also, On Stranger Tides has a new trailer out, you can get a better look at the mermaids and two scenes where Jack gets slapped.  I'm terribly excited!

Alright, I'm off to get some work done before it becomes too late and before my friend signs onto skype and I become distracted.

Seamstress me...who is she?

I want to cosplay this outfit.

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