Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Misery Does Not Get Company

Influenza has struck.  My vow, or both, has not been touched.  I plan, tonight, to do some things to my tail.  I swear it!

I went to the clinic yesterday and bumped elbows with my doc, who admitted there's something doctors thought they knew but were wrong about knowing.  I was asking if I would be contagious if I returned to work soon.  He admitted that they thought they knew but not any more.  Disheartening to think I might make others sick but heartening in having a doctor admit the truth.  He prescribed rest, fluids, and two different antibiotics.

I did have a head that felt like imploding from sinus pressure, chills, laryngitis, shakes, aches, fatigue, fever, sore throat...and evil menstrual cramps all at once.  Today is day two of the antiobiotics (a five day run).  I already feel better.  I did not go to work today, I hope to return tomorrow.  It sucks because I feel like I'm wasting time.  I guess I turned out to be a workaholic like my father.  As evidenced by my continuing to work on Sunday with most of the aforementioned symptoms as I could feel my fever coming on and then rising.  And still I was hit on by more people on a day when I had a fever and was losing my voice.  Odd.

Had to leave the house for a bit today so I went to the cinema and saw Take Me Home Tonight.  I needed something lighthearted.  It helped some.  Now I am pirating wifi from Panera and about to grab a burrito bowl from Chipotle.  Then I head home and play with latex and measure my fluke up a bit.

guo dong my new friend
my new bloomers

So I'm off to grab my belovéd Chipotle and get some tail stuff done.  Will be interesting, if any of my books have arrived in the mail I will have to fight to get tail work done >_<  Though being outside and feeling the breeze and hearing the gulls made me want to go swimming in the ocean again.  I'm hoping the next time I do I will have a tail!

<3 a recovering scrumpy

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